Colette is one of the Founders and Managing Partners
of Massaad & Hayek Law Firm since 1991

Colette is a Former Secretary General & Executive Board Member
of the "National Commission for Lebanese Women" since June 2017.
NCLW is an official institution of 24 members affiliated to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, to promote women’s rights in the Lebanese society and enhance gender mainstreaming in public institutions.


Colette was appointed the Legal Advisor in 2011 to former minister of Finance for Real-Estate Affairs,
as well as previously being active member and Legal Advisor in several Governmental, Parliamentary and Ministerial Committees notably:

  • The Committee for the Modernization of the Law pertaining to the Acquisition by Foreigners of Real Estates in Lebanon.
  • The Committee for the Modernization of the Law on Lease of Built Properties.
  • The Committee for the Study of the Governmental Premises.
  • The Committee for the Management of the State’s Private Properties.
  • The Committee for the Delimitation and Liberation of Non Surveyed Real Estates.
  • The Committee of the Legalization of the Maritime Properties.
  • The Committee for the Coordination and Supervision on the Execution of the State’s Premises.

Colette focuses her practice on Real Estate transactions, assets acquisitions, tax implications, Corporate structuring, in addition to management of the most Prestigious Shopping Centers in Lebanon.

UNITED NATIONS - GENEVA, March 15, 16 - 2018

The Lebanese National Commission for Women's Affairs was represented by Me Colette Al-Hayek Massaad, Secretary of the NCLW board, along with the Lebanese delegation, to its third periodic report on civil and political rights at the United Nations Geneva #ICCPR.

NCLW at Geneva

CHINESE-ARAB Women’s Forum - BEIJING - September 25, 2017

Me Colette Massaad was part of the NCLW Lebanese delegation to the 2nd Chinese-Arab Women’s Forum in Beijing, China, to promote the economic growth through participation in bilateral economic projects, namely re-activating the Silk Road Initiative linking China with Europe and the Arab world.

High Council of the Arab Women Organisation Cairo, December 2017
Me Colette Massaad was part of the NCLW Lebanese delegation along with NCLW President Mrs Claudine Aoun Roukoz to the High Council of the Arab Women Organisation at Cairo, Egypt.

Autism Awareness Association event

Volunteering Experience

Colette has volunteered and helped many charities and NGos,

-She is a founding and Board member of AAA 'Autism Awareness Association' since 2015.

-A founding member of 'Safadi Cultural Foundation'

-A founding member of 'Indeed Better Together' Association

-Former Board of Trustees member of the 'Lebanese Autism Society' 2009-2015.

Professional Experience


  • Represented clients including local and foreign investors and companies in the structure and incorporation of commercial companies in Lebanon and the GCC countries including without limitation the drafting of Articles of Associations, Minutes of Meetings, Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture and Shareholders Agreements, Grants, Letters of Intent..
  • Advised and represented clients in Mergers and Acquisitions and tax implications relating thereto. Conducted Due Diligences, Legal Audits and Legal Studies with respect to the compliance with the applicable laws.
  • Represented clients in the negotiation and drafting of commercial and non-commercial Agreements including without limitation Purchase and Sale of Motor Yacht, Franchise, Distribution, License, Management of Hotels, Management of Malls, purchase and exchange of motor Yachts, Sale of Aircrafts, Independent Contractor, Purchase and Sale of Goods, Employment, Confidentiality, Loan and Escrow Agreements.
  • Advised on Intellectual Property matters in connection with Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs.

Real Estate

  • Represented clients in Real Estate Acquisitions including Flat Lands, Residential Apartments and Commercial Compounds including the drafting of Sale and Purchase Agreements and their registration at the Land Registry Department.
  • Drafted and Negotiated Lease Agreements for commercial and residential properties including for spaces and shops in Malls and Shopping Centers.
  • Drafted Regulations for the management of commercial and residential compounds.
  • Drafted and negotiated Construction, Consultancy and Services agreements pertaining to the development of real estate including FIDIC.


  • Represented clients in wide range of litigations up to the high Court of Cassation in connection with Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Real Estate Law, Administrative Law, Tax Laws, inheritance Law, Lease Law including the drafting of notices, applications, claims, objections and appeals.
  • Represented clients in the Execution of judgments and Courts’ Decisions including but not limited to seizure of assets up to the sale in public auction.

Personal Information

  • Colette went to Unversity of St Joseph Beirut (USJ)
  • She was admitted to Practice Law in Lebanon and joined the Beirut Bar Association since 1991
  • Fluent in English, Arabic and French